Gold new product - FS-40DC1 variable frequency electric fan

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        With the increase of temperature, the use rate of electric fans began to increase. Especially in the Pearl River Delta region, a lot of consumers in addition to air conditioning, the need for a long time to open the fan, while the fan is more suitable for those who are not suitable for blowing air conditioning. Do not know if we have found that the company recently developed a new research and production of a new product - variable frequency electric fan (FS-40DC1).

    The advantages of FS-40DC1 variable frequency electric fan are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
    One, energy saving
    There is no doubt that the "frequency" is for the energy saving, power consumption is relatively high, coupled with the need to
    The refrigerator for open, if the "frequency" motor, energy-saving effect will be particularly prominent, which is why in recent years the "frequency" of the main power products become fashionable for a time. Although the power of the electric fan is not large, only a few tens of watts, the maximum not more than 100 watts, with the power of the air conditioner at every turn is much smaller, the power consumption is much smaller. But in the Pearl River Delta region, the fan opening time of a day from morning to night, and time across the spring April until the autumn of 10 and November, long-term use, power consumption can not be underestimated.
    Two, power saving
    DC inverter fans of the lowest power 30W or so, than the ordinary fan of 55W, energy efficiency of more than 50%, saving effect is more obvious. Some manufacturers even have estimated that if the wind power of 1 2.36W, used for 8 hours per day to count, 1 kwh of electricity for DC inverter fans run for 52 days, 1 years is only 7 kwh, the industry generally the legend of the "52 days 1 degrees". If maintenance is good, with a eight years, ten years, taking into account the cost of electricity, to spend a little bit of the price to buy a variable frequency electric fan, it is worth the.
    Three, comfortable
    "Frequency" is the biggest characteristic is that the frequency of the motor is not fixed, can be adjusted at any time according to the demand. In addition to the energy saving effect, it can also be based on the need to achieve the transformation of the wind supply mode. With inverter air conditioner as an example, it is not difficult to find that the frequency of the wind can be realized natural mode, sleep mode, low speed mode, etc..
    The same thinking transplanted to the variable frequency electric fan, you can choose the appropriate air supply mode according to the needs, big and small, strong and weak; also with intelligent sensing function, adapt to changes of environment and temperature, can eventually achieve customized set of wind, suitable for different age groups.
    Four, mute威尼斯人娱乐官网888
    "I want to quietly, everyone sat down when the cool breeze blowing, just think, is the so-called" natural cool mind". If the motor noise of the electric fan, seriously affect the mood, I am afraid the whole body feel cool enough; if in the sleep, the electric fan motor sound "dadada" ringing, but there is a nightmare. "Frequency" appears, is also a natural to mute design, frequency conversion technology to run smoothly, low noise, can be kept relatively constant low noise. Wind soft, called "silent fan". Especially after falling asleep, low noise will not disturb the rest at night, compared to the ordinary electric fan is also more comfortable.
    Five, the remote control device
    Variable frequency electric fan out there is a very intimate function of remote control, so that the user can conveniently adjust long-distance suitable volume, it can achieve the preset time in the closed open fan, air conditioning and automatic opening function of air supply, such as environmental protection, but also allows users to get the quality of sleep better security.



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